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Philippine Brands of Patis (Fish Sauce)

  • Barrio Fiesta
  • Dagupan
  • Datu Puti
  • Ligo
  • Lorins
  • Marca Piña
  • Mother’s Best
  • Pangasinan
  • Rufina (classic!!!!!)
  • Tentay
  • UFC

Filipino American brand of patismansi: Tropics

Patismansi = Patis + Calamansi (citrus)

* Note: Tiparos is not a Filipino brand; it’s from Thailand.

The area of the Philippines most known for producing patis is probably the province of Pangasinan on the major island of Luzon.

According to standards proposed by the FDA of the Philippines, “Fish sauce and fish-flavored sauce are clear liquid products, with a salty taste and fish flavor, obtained from fermentation for a mixture of fish and salt. Color may vary from straw-yellow to amber.

“Fish Sauce has a minimum of 4.0% protein while Fish-Flavored Sauce has a protein content of below 4.0% but not lower than 1.0%. Protein content shall only come from the fish material. Fish-flavored sauce may also be the product of the final extraction and referred to as such due to its low protein content.”

Caramel color as a food additive is accepted. Acesulfame K, Sucralose and Aspartame in defined amounts are allowed as sweeteners. Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate are allowed as preservatives. Sodium metabisulfite is allowed as an antioxidant. Monosodium glutamate (MSG), Inosinic acid, Disodium Inosine 5′ monophophate, and Disodium 5′ guanylate are accepted as flavor enhancers.