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Spicy Filipino Ice Cream?

Posted On May 3, 2017 at 12:53 am by / No Comments

It’s summer in the Philippines, and the American summer is not far behind. Time to enjoy icy treats… but the classic vanilla ice cream has become well, plain vanilla… and so have the go-to sweet flavors of chocolate and strawberry.

Let’s ponder what could be a mind-smashing idea to those unfamiliar with the spiciness of Mexican chocolate… Spicy Filipino Ice Cream!

Leave it to the ingenious culinary masters of the Philippines to create a fantastical treat to wow the world. And yes, it could arguably rival Mexico’s spicy chocolate flavor, which everyone is more familiar with.

How did Filipinos come up with their idea of spicy ice cream?

In the Philippines, chili peppers are grown in almost everyone’s backyard, especially of households in Albay, a province of the Bicol region known for its passion for spicy foods.

A few years ago, a restaurant in Albay named 1st Colonial Grill thought of using the area’s iconic foods to place their eatery’s name on the map, so to speak. You see, Bicol is known for two things to Filipino food enthusiasts — the native pili nut and spicy chilies. Tourists of course want delicious memories of their visit, and what better way to impart those than with a uniquely local concoction?

Behold the invention of not only pili nut ice-cream (which is not so weird), but of sili ice-cream as well. Sili is the Filipino word for chili peppers.

Spicy Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream or Spicy Filipino Coconut-Milk Ice Cream?

Would be a tough choice, except that…

the original Magnolia Ice cream company in the Philippines (not to be confused with the OMGpeke Magnolia Ice Cream of the USA) has already come out with its Best of the Philippines flavor called… SILI CON TSOKOLATE EH!

Sili from Bicol + Chocolate from Batangas !!

Real Filipinos…. always winning. 😊

Huwag po tayong magpaloko sa mga OMGpeke na nagpapanggap na Pilipino daw sila para lang makabenta sa mga Pilipino.

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