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What is Goldilocks?

It’s a famous Philippine food company with production facilities at home and overseas.

Aside from the bread, pastries and cakes the Philippine Goldilocks is known for, Goldilocks USA now has frozen products such as Beef Empanada, Chicken Empanada, Chicken Siopao, Pork Longganisa, Siopao Pork Asado and Siopao Select (asado, bola-bola and chicken filling).

Filipino Americans can regard Goldilocks as the ethical alternative to the Bestaste and Pampanga’s Best products of the OMGpeke company.

Goldilocks Polvoron

Goldilocks Sweet Delights Ube Polvoron 12pcs
Goldilocks Sweet Delights Peanut Polvoron 12pcs
Goldilocks Sweet Delights Coffee Crumble Polvoron 12pcs
Goldilocks Sweet Delights Cashew Polvoron 12pcs
Sweet Delights Choco-Covered Polvoron 20pcs
Assorted Polvoron 8pcs 8 oz
Sweet Delights Pinipig Polvoron 12pcs
Sweet Delights Cookies N Cream Polvoron
Assorted Polvoron 15 pieces 15 ounces
Sweet Delights Classic Polvoron 12 pieces

– – –

Assorted Pastillas 3.5 ounces
Assorted Polvoron 12 pieces 12 ounces
Assorted Polvoron 6 pieces / package
Atchara 16 ounces

– – –

Banana Bread 14 ounces
Beef Turnover (Empanada) 16 ounces
Beef Turnover (Empanada) 40 ounces
Biscocho 184 grams
Biscocho 255 grams
Biscotti 7 ounces
Caramel Pop Corn 3 ounces
Cha Shu Bao (Steamed Bun with Pork) 20 ounces
Chicharon Salt Vinegar 3.5 ounces
Chicken Asado Siopao Sliders 20 ounces
Chicken Lumpia Shanghai 2 pounds
Chicken Turnover (Empanada) 16 ounces
Cookies and Cream Polvoron 12 pieces 12 ounces
Crunchy Pinipig Polvoron 12 pieces 12 ounces
Dilis (Anchovies) 4 ounces
Frozen Chicken Tocino 12 ounces
Frozen Korean BBQ Pork Shu Mai 1 pound
Frozen Mini Asado Siopao Sliders 20 ounces
Frozen Mini Bola Bola (Siopao) 20 ounces
Frozen Pinoy Style Spaghetti Sauce 32 ounces
Frozen Pork Dumplings (Shu-Mai) 16 ounces
Frozen Pork Tocino 12 ounces

Frozen Sweet and Spicy Pork Shu Mai 1 pound
Frozen Teriyaki Pork Shu Mai 1 po

Pork Longanisa
Purple Yam (Ube) Loaf Bread
White Loaf Bread
Raisin Loaf Bread
Red Beans Loaf Bread
Hopia Baboy
Mango Loaf Bread
Monggo Loaf Bread
Pandesal Baliwag
Wheat Pandesal
Tasty White Loaf Bread
Sweet Mild Pork Longanisa