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Filipino Snacks

Posted On January 14, 2017 at 11:22 am by / No Comments

When you say Filipino snacks, most would think of crisps or chips like Chippy, V-Cuts, and Chiz-Curls.
For those studying Philippine culinary culture of course, Filipino snacks are the native delicacies that have traditionally been made in the archipelago for centuries using ingredients like coconuts and other indigenous fruits and plants.


Traditional Kakanin

Rice-Based Delicacies: Bibingka, Kalamay, Biko, Puto, Suman, Palitaw


Munchables to Graze on: Kornik, Chicharon (Crispy Pork Rinds), Butong Pakwan (Watermelon Seeds), Buto ng Kalabasa (Squash Seeds), Adobong Mani, Growers Peanuts

Tinapay at Biskuwit

Pandesal, Pandesiosa, Paborita, Prima Toast, Wafers, Skyflakes Crackers, Hopia, Pilipit, Otap, Pasencia Cookies, Rosquillos

At Iba Pa (Etc)

Hatdog, Ispageti, Banana Chips, Pusit (Squid), Jelly Snacks, Fruit Snacks, Pinatuyong Mangga (Dried Mango), Nilagang Saba (Boiled Fat-Banana), Nilagang Kamote (Boiled Sweet Potato), Banana Cue, Kamote Cue, Sorbetes (Ice Cream), Ais Kendi (Ice Candy), Candyman Viva Caramel Candy 180g

Source: Filipino Snacks