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Leony’s brand from the Philippines!

Bangus with Tausi 7 ounces can $2.69
Frozen Smoked Tawilis 6 ounces plastic $4.19
Dried Espada (Beltfish) 4 ounces plastic $3.09
Smoked Gutted Tamban 6 ounces plastic $3.69
Bangus in Oil jar 8 ounces
Dried Mullet plastic 6 ounces
Classic Tuyo in Oil Dried Herring 8 ounces jar $4.29
Dried Squid 3 ounces plastic $5.79
– misspelled on the label as tuyo pusit
Smoked Gutted Galunggong plastic 8 ounces
– misspelled on the label as galungong

Dried Tunsoy 6 ounces plastic
Dried Sapsap (Slipmouth) 6 ounces
Dried Dilis (Anchovies) 4 ounces
Dried Bisugo (Nemipterid Split) 6 ounces


Bangus in Oil Spanish Style 7 ounces can
Bananas, Sliced plastic 8.8 ounces
Bangus in Tomato Sauce 8 ounces jar
Dried Danggit 4 ounces
Dried Galungong [sic] 6 ounces plastic
Dried Split Hasa Hasa 6 ounces plastic
Dried Tawilis (Fresh Water Sardines) 8 ounces plastic
Fresh Frozen Lapu-Lapu (Grouper) Cleaned Gutted 16 ounces plastic
Frozen Dahon ng Malunggay 8 ounces plastic
Frozen Jute Leaves (Dahon ng Saluyot) 8 ounces plastic
Frozen Pepper Leaves 8 ounces plastic
Hot Spicey Spanish Sardines 8 ounces
Milkfish in Barbecue Sauce 155 grams 5.5. ounces can
Pastillas de Langka 2 ounces
Paksiw na Banguw with Ampalaya in Spiced Vinegar 8 ounces jar
Kare-Kare Bangus / Milkfish 5.5 ounces can
Frozen Shredded Young Coconut (Buko) 16 ounces plastic
Frozen Lumpia Wrappers 13 ounces
Frozen Grated Cassava 16 ounces plastic
Frozen Bittermelon Leaves 8 ounces plastic
Fresh Frozen Dalagang Bukid (Yellowtail Fusilier) plastic
Tilapia Split 6 ounces
Dried Tawilis (Fresh Water Sardines) 6 ounces