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Asian Appetizers?

Posted On October 5, 2018 at 6:15 pm by / No Comments

The appetizers of Asia make excellent and tasty beginnings for any meal. They can be enjoyed with chilled beer or with piping hot and fragrant tea, with wines, mixed drinks, and fruit punches.

Fingerfoods that are piquant, aromatic, spicy, and always full of surprises, Asian appetizers come in various shapes — small crescents of seafood, meatballs dusted with spices, pork- and chicken-skin cracklings, strips of crisp vegetables, or rolls of paper-thin flour wrappers filled with ground meat and minced vegetables.

Sometimes they are bite-sized pieces of skewered meat, fruit, or vegetables, grilled or turned over barbecue fires. Tidbits of fish, meat, and poultry-tails, wings, spareribs, liver-are seasoned to perfection, deep-fried, and served with sauces blending the flavors of sweet and sour.

Almost always, these little dishes are presented as miniature food sculptures, garnished with carved slices of fresh vegetables or with pickled greens. They exude an appeal that captivates the senses of taste, sight, and smell.

A selection of Asian appetizers can bring out the best in your drinks, complement the mellow flavor of your beer, and whet your appetite for a meal to enjoy and remember. 🙂

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